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Information for patients and claimants



The medical expert has a duty to provide unbiased independent assessments for the legal process in all compensation claims, whether acting for the claimant or the defendant or whether jointly instructed. The expert is answerable to the Judge, and the report is addressed to the Court.

Mr Braithwaite has very extensive expertise and experience in providing such medical reports, and will have seen many patients with the injuries you have sustained and with the sort of ongoing problems many patients complain of.







Your appointment

You will generally receive an appointment through the post from Mr Braithwaite’s office, sometimes via your solicitor. The letter will tell you where and when the appointment is. Please phone the office on 01244-300164 to confirm your attendace and leave a contact number for emergencies. If the appointment is inconvenient it is possible to reschedule the appointment, by phoning the same number.

If the appointment letter arrives out of the blue and unexpectedly you should contact your own solicitor or phone Mr Braithwaite’s office.

Getting there

Please allow plenty of time to get to the venue for the examination, especially at rush hour or school times. Directions and a map for the Nuffield Hospital in Chester can be found by clicking the link WHERE ARE WE on the left. Avoid going through Chester city centre: it’s usually better to skirt Chester on the A55 and take the A483 towards Chester from the South.

A taxi from Chester railway station takes 10-15 minutes. Nuffield Hospital phone number is 01244-680444.

Mr Braithwaite also sees patients in Wrexham, Liverpool and Manchester, but irregularly. Please check to be sure the venue for your examination.

What will happen?

Please bring some photo i.d. such as your Passport or Photo Drivers Licence.

The interview and examination can take anything from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on the complexity and the number of injuries. Because of this Mr Braithwaite sometimes runs late.

There are three main aspects Mr Braithwaite will cover with you. Firstly, the details of the accident. Secondly the injuries sustained, what treatment was required, and progress. Thirdly, any ongoing problems. You may be asked about any previous medical history prior to the accident. Mr Braithwaite may ask quite searching questions – but if you do not know the answers just say so. The report will need to cover time off work following the accident, and how your injuries affected your home life, hobbies and social life as well.

There will be a physical examination, which may just cover the injured area or may be much more thorough. You will need to be prepared for this possibility.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, of course, and they can be with you throughout if you wish.

Medical Records

Mr Braithwaite will almost certainly require access to your medical records, such as full GP notes, hospital notes, X rays and scans, etc., to reach an opinion. This is always the responsibility of the solicitors and then only with your written permission.

Will the examination and report cost me anything?

As a general rule all expenses are met by the solicitors or insurers. There will be no bills directly to you from Mr Braithwaite or from the hospital where you are seen (even if they do “swipe” your card). There is free parking at the Nuffield Hospital in Chester and at the Yale in Wrexham, but not in Liverpool or Manchester. Keep details of all travel and parking expenses for your solicitor. If you need to take time off work you should discuss this with your own solicitor.

When do I get to see the report?

The report is generally sent to the instructing solicitor within a fortnight or so, but there is sometimes a delay if all the relevant medical records are not yet to hand. If the report is for your solicitor they will liaise with you over seeing and agreeing the report. If the report is for another party the process is more complex and governed by Rules of Court.