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Information for solicitors


Mr Braithwaite has been preparing medico-legal reports since 1991. His experience is very wide in the generality of orthopaedics and trauma, but his special expertise and training is in spinal, and foot and ankle. He currently prepares some 200 reports a year.

His practice comprises approximately

  • Defendant 50%
  • Claimant 50%
  • Joint instructions very few





Where are we?

Mr Braithwaite is based in Chester and most appointments are at the Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital in Chester, but he also has sessions at The Yale Hospital in Wrexham. Examinations at the patient's home (or prison, or other unusual venues) are possible.

Who is in the team?

A successful medico-legal practice relies on good communication and the practice managers aim always to be helpful and responsive.

The team comprises Mr Braithwaite (orthopaedic consultant), Julian Rendell (Practice Manager) and a number of medical typists. With years of helping solicitors and insurers you can be assured of a responsive team who understand the issues.

What can we do for you and what do we need?

For a comprehensive report Mr Braithwaite needs to be fully instructed and sent comprehensive records. Normally an appointment will be allocated only when all the relevant records are available and an estimate or quote for the report can be given. However we appreciate that sometimes the circumstances require otherwise.

Mr Braithwaite is often asked to provide urgent appointments and reports with only partial records. Eventual fees reflect this. Mr Braithwaite often prepares “desk-top” reports and is often asked to review other reports and evidence.

How much?   Can a reliable quote be provided?

Mr Braithwaite charges £250 an hour (+VAT). Estimates or quotes can be provided once all the records are to hand. It should be noted that records provided on disc are time consuming to deal with. A fee structure can be provided on request.

Testimonials and References.

Mr Braithwaite is in demand locally and nationally by both claimant and defendant solicitors and insurers, and is often recommended by barristers. We can provide a selection of claimant and defendant parties who may be contacted in confidence about Mr Braithwaite.

Terms and Conditions.

For further information contact a member of the team on 01244-300164 or e mail

Court and availability.

There is usually no problem in attending court. Contact the team for current availability, and consider asking for updating of availability