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Insured patients

Mr Braithwaite is a recognised specialist for all private healthcare insurance companies, including BUPA. He currently fulfils the requirements with regard to training, audit of results, recommended treatments, and fee structures. You should not be receiving unexpected bills.

All insurers require you to be referred by your GP.

Before you come to the appointment it is important that you have told your insurer and they may well issue you with an authorisation number. Make sure you bring all your insurance details to the appointment. If we do not have your full details we cannot bill the insurance company and the bill will come to you. It is helpful to have your membership details and authorisation number written down because the hospital front desk will ask for them and Mr Braithwaite's secretary will ask for them. The hospital front desk will ask to swipe a credit card, but this is not for any payment either to the hospital or to Mr Braithwaite.

The arrangement between Mr Braithwaite as the specialist and you as the patient is a direct one. His duty and responsibility is directly to you (and your GP), and not to your insurer. Likewise you ultimately have a responsibility to Mr Braithwaite for the fees he charges if the insurer is difficult, though such a situation almost never arises.

Many policies have excesses, for which you are responsible. Some policies don’t cover consultations, and a few policies only cover consultation fees if treatment results. Be sure to check your policy, because any charges not covered by your insurer will need to be paid by you. Check what investigations (such as X rays or MRI scans or blood test) are covered, and what treatments might not be covered. Some policies don’t cover injections, for example.

After the initial consultation the bill will go to your insurer, even if there is an excess (shortfall) that you will need to pay. Your insurer will inform you and my office about any excess/shortfall and we will then invoice you for this. You will be able to pay by cheque or by internet bank transfer.

At the initial consultation Mr Braithwaite often organises a scan, usually an MRI scan. You will know whether your insurer will cover the cost, and most insurers ask that you contact them to confirm if a scan is to go ahead.

If Mr Braithwaite recommends treatment your insurer will need to be informed. Mr Braithwaite refers you for the most appropriate treatment to be undertaken by the most appropriate person or team. Your insurer will need to approve the plan, for reimbursement of fees.

X rays and scans done elsewhere.

Please bear in mind that if you have been seen at another hospital Mr Braithwaite may well not have access to records kept there, such as clinic letters, unless your GP has included them or you have copies. If you have recently had X rays or scans at an NHS hospital, the Nuffield Hospital can arrange access to the pictures if given enough notice (usually a week). Please phone the practice office on 01244-300164 to make the arrangements by leaving a message about what scans were done and where and when. This facility is not easily available at the Yale Hospital.