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Self pay patients

With no NHS spinal consultant service in Chester as of 2013 many patients decide to seek a private appointment for assessment, and Mr Braithwaite would be the obvious person to come and see. He has a very general orthopaedic background and ran the NHS spinal service at the Countess of Chester Hospital for 16 years.

Mr Braithwaite also has specific expertise in foot and ankle disorders.

Many patients just book an appointment with the Nuffield Hospital or the Yale Hospital directly to see Mr Braithwaite. Many patients are referred by a letter or fax from their GP. See the link on the left How to Make an Appojntment. It is important that we have a referral letter from your GP for background information as well as the history of the main issue.


What do I get as a self-pay patient

You get the same length of appointment and exactly the same assessment as any patient. As a self-pay patient you can see Mr Braithwaite just for a single new patient appointment, or more. Many patients have an initial consultation, an MRI scan and follow-up appointment (total cost £700). Usually, but not always, this enables a confident diagnosis to be made and a plan for management and treatment suggested. Many patients are just relieved to have ruled out the possibility of sinister pathology


What then?

Self pay patients sometimes wish to have any recommended treatment or investigation privately, and this can easily be organised. Some patients ask to be transferred to the NHS and Mr Braithwaite makes specific recommendations or suggestions to your GP, who would then often put the arrangements in hand. However once care has moved back to the NHS it is not considered ethical for patients to come back to the private sector to see Mr Braithwaite for the same or continuing problem.


X rays and scans done elsewhere.

Please bear in mind that if you have been seen at another hospital Mr Braithwaite may well not have access to records kept there, such as clinic letters, unless your GP has included them or you have copies. If you have recently had X rays or scans at an NHS hospital, the Nuffield Hospital can arrange access to the pictures if given enough notice (usually a week). Please phone the practice office on 01244-300164 to make the arrangements by leaving a message with the relevant details: name and date of birth, address, what scan, done where, when, etc. This facility is not easily available at the Yale Hospital.